If you are ready to lose weight permanently consider the big picture:

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Do you want to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle? Many self-imposed limitations can be overcome with the shared interest and support of allies. Would you like to assess your weight-loss options realistically and to develop a plan based on your natural assets and what has been shown to work through non-biased scientific investigation? This is what this permanent weight loss web site and my talks and video tapes on permanent weight loss are all about.

The US government spends more than 100 billion dollars annually on health care necessitated by disorders that are linked to overweight.  Therefore, it has undertaken extensive reviews of all published, controlled, double blind weight- loss research.  You will learn what the US government has discovered in this unbiased exploration.

Learn how you can significantly extend your lifespan, and reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, certain cancers, gout, gall bladder disease and a myriad of other over-weight-related disorders, by reducing your weight to a normal range.

When professional psychotherapy is effective, the patient's feeling of alliance is more important for a successful therapeutic result than the length or style of therapy, its cost or any other factor except perhaps the native ability to relate.

The ability to relate and ally in a healing way with others is distributed throughout humankind, without any notable concentration within the community of professional psychotherapists. Even when one undertakes professional psychotherapy, a healing alliance outside of that relationship has been shown to greatly enhance the therapeutic effect. These conclusions are documented in my book, Report on Effective Psychotherapy: Legislative Testimony

Permanent weight loss can be achieved by learning what is actually known about weight loss, by studying the behavior of those who have had long-term weight-loss success, and by reviewing controlled studies, rather than listening to the sales hype of unproven  "lose- weight- quickly schemes." By using informed knowledge, and by minimizing stressful behavior and negative attitudes, one can explore potentially healthy options and develop a strategic plan, possibly aided by alliances with other committed people.  

Nevertheless, people who are ready to commit to the necessary changes to achieve an optimal weight are not easy to find. My search for companions who were willing to consistently use one of the most successful techniques for long term weight loss, calorie and exercise logging with group accountability and support, led me to start four free weight-loss groups that met weekly, The New York Calorie & Exercise Logging Groups.

After reading about what works for permanent weight loss and talking with me about what is known about permanent weight Loss, you should come away with an ongoing procedure for determining what your unique path can be and a working plan to redesign your lifestyle into a more rewarding and healthy agenda. Requirements for this result are courage, a spirit of inquiry, a pen and a notebook, and the willingness to follow up.


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