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Educational Video Tapes of the Masters:

Professor Arthur R. Jensen,  of  the University of California, Berkeley says:

"Think of  how exciting it would be for psychologists to be able to hear and see, right now, Sir Francis Galton, Charles Spearman, Edward L. Thorndike, or others of similar stature in the history of behavioral science, talk about their own life and work! And what an inspiration for present-day students!

We are privileged to hear and see one of the most famous psychologists in the second half of the 20th century answering questions in his typical lucid style about his life, his brilliant career, his evaluations of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and behavior therapy, and his ideas on the nature of genius and creativity -- subjects to which Eysenck has notably contributed in his aim to advance psychology as a branch of biological science.

One of the boons of modern technology is that video recording can now preserve a living image of the important figures in the history of any field of one's interest. This set of professionally produced videos of three expertly conducted interviews with the late Professor Hans Jurgen Eysenck in his 79th year is a wonderful example.

Having known Eysenck personally for over 40 years, three of them working in his lab in London University's Institute of Psychiatry, I was struck, while viewing this video, by how candidly it conveys not only the ideas and scientific attitudes of this great man, but also the impression of his personality, which comes across perfectly and authentically in these interviews by Roberta Russell."                                 Professor Arthur Jensen, Ph.D. 1999

Roberta Russell

is the co-author of R. D. Laing & Me: Lessons in Love with R. D. Laing, Hillgarth Press, 1992, Shinyosha (in Japanese, 1994) Ediciones de la Flor (in Spanish, 1995) Editora Siciliano (in Portuguese, 1997)

and the author of Report on Effective Psychotherapy: Legislative Testimony (Hillgarth Press, 1981, with 1994 Update) and has been a frequent contributor to Psychologie Heute (Germany). She has written articles in, Japan Times (Japan), The Psychologist (U.K.), Human Potential Magazine (U.K.), Changes (U.K.), Clinical Psychology Forum (U.K.), Golden Age, Woman Spirit, and The Whole Person (Australia), Rainbow Network (New Zealand), Executive Female (U.S.A.), Golden Lifestyles (U.S.A.) and numerous other publications.She is director and host of Lifetalk, a New York cable interview show featuring leaders in the social and health sciences.

She was also a featured speaker at the International Conference on Psychotherapy of the Future, in Spain and the Healthier Living Show in Australia, the Australian Psychological Society and the New York Public Library. Ms. Russell is the originator of Mutual Alliance Therapy Workshops which have been commended by a 1994 Social Innovations Award (U.K.). She has conducted workshops internationally for business organizations, universities and individuals.Recent appearances include, radio: WBAI (New York) and television: 5:30 Live (New Zealand) and Good Morning Australia, and Adelaide Today and Crosstalk.
After working as an electronic data processing consultant/systems analyst she founded and ran R.R. Latin Associates Inc., a New York based search firm specializing in computer professionals, from 1970 until 1987. She was a board member of the European Association of Humanistic Psychology (Geneva, Switzerland), the Education and Accreditation Committee of the National Accreditation Association and American Examining Board of Psychoanalysis, Inc. and of Women Business Owners of New York. Ms. Russell has lectured at Oxford University (U.K.), Yale University, The New School for Social Research, New York University, North Country Community College, The University of Glasgow (Scotland), Sophia University of Rome and the Third Italian Congress of Humanistic Psychology, and in universities across New Zealand and Australia.

Camera: Harold Krieger

Harold Krieger is best known for his advertising photography. His work has been awarded many gold medals in his field. The advertisements and editorials he worked on represent some of the most famous campaigns in advertising art.His editorial clients include Newsweek, Esquire, McCalls, Redbook, Parents, and Harper’s Bazaar magazine. He has photographed Woody Allen, Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, Sophia Loren, Lady Bird Johnson and many notable celebrities.He is now focusing his attention on videotaping and editing controversial movers and shakers.

Lifetalk is a New York City television interview show featuring influential thinkers in the social and health sciences. Roberta Russell, author of R.D. Laing & Me: Lessons in Love & Report on Effective Psychotherapy: Legislative Testimony, explores the latest findings on the human condition with some of the most controversial, stimulating and distinguished authorities in the world. Video tapes of the following shows are available for purchase:

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Lifetalk Video tapes that may interest you:

Jerome D. Frank, , Ph.D., M.D.

on Persuasion and Healing

              G. Terence Wilson, Ph.D.
                   Eating Disorders: A Realistic Look at Treatment Results
Obesity is a growing national problem and those who suffer from it are besieged with a myriad of promises for long-term cures. Dr. Wilson brooks no unsubstantiated claims: His character and formidable knowledge of research have made him a guardian of truth in this treacherous arena for empty promises. Dr. G. Terence Wilson is one of the most important and distinguished researchers in psychotherapy and a practicing clinical psychologist in private practice, as well. He is the Oscar K. Buros professor or psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Terry Wilson has co-authored or co-edited a number of books including Behavior Therapy: Application and Outcome (with K.D. O’Leary), The Effects of Psychological Therapy (with Stanley Rachman), Annual Review of Behavior Therapy: Theory and Practice (with Cyril Franks), and Binge Eating: Nature, Assessment, and Treatment (with C.G. Fairburn). He has been the president of the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy and has won awards for his scientific contributions. Dr. Wilson is a member of the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive & Kidney Disorder’s Task Force on the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity. Most people have dieted successfully, but gained weight again. Some even say that overeating among the obese is actually a myth, that overweight is often due to a metabolic predisposition.For the growing numbers of us plagued with weight problems the situation tends to get worse as we age. Dr Wilson has reported that not even a hint of effectiveness of behavioral treatments is evident after 5 years.

Richard Lynn, Ph.D.
on Dysgenics, Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations
Professor Richard Lynn is one of the world's leading authorities on intelligence. He is the Dircetor of the Ulster Institute for Social research at the University of Ulster. He graduated in Psychology at Cambridge University and has held positions as Professor of Psychology at the conomic and Social Research Institute in Dublin and at the University of Ulster in Coleraine, Ireland. Among his earlier books are Personality and National Character and Educational Achievement in Japan. The subject of Dysgenics (published by Praeger inWestport, CT, 1996) and this video tape is the alarming trend of genetic deterioration in intelligence.

Robert T. Fancher, Ph.D.
on Cultures of Healing

Robert T. Fancher, Ph.D. on The Cultures of Healing: The Truth about Psychotherapy "Treatments" from Drugs to PsychoanalysisDr. Fancher claims that the four major schools of mental health care¾psychoanalysis, behaviorism, cognitive therapy and drug therapy are really cultures, not sciences.Dr. Robert T. Fancher is a brilliant psychotherapist in private practice in New York City. He is also a philosopher in his own right, a Henry Luce Scholar, and the recipient of the National Endowment for the Humanities Award. He is the co-author of Against Mediocrity: The Humanities in America’s High Schools, and he has written many professional articles, spanning the disciplines of psychotherapy, philosophy and religion. With the focused clarity of his multidisciplined mind, Dr. Fancher has most recently written Cultures of Healing, a probing book which puts American Health care in a reasonable perspective. Cultures of Healing was published in 1995 by W.H. Freeman & C. in New York City.

David G. Myers, Ph.D.
on the Pursuit of Happiness

David H. Barlow, Ph.D.
on therapy-treatments that verifiably work

Robyn M. Dawes, Ph.D.
on Psychotherapy as a House of Cards
on therapy treatments that don’t verifiably work.and A House of Cards (profession)

Dr. Robyn M. Dawes is a University Professor in the Department of Social and Decision Sciences at Carnegie-Mellon University, is a widely recognized researcher on psychological evaluation and decision-making. He is the author of House of Cards, Psychology and Psychotherapy Built on Myth (The Free Press) 1994 and Rational Choice in an Uncertain World , 1990 and winner of the APA William James Award. ·Dr. Dawes has critically examined some of the most cherished myths of psychology and psychotherapy. He has found that the profession of psychotherapy which costs patients billions per year, as it is practiced, is built on a house of cards. Although he is causing shock waves throughout the profession, he is speaking to growing audiences of people interested in hearing the truth.

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