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Woody Allen by Harold Krieger


Woody Allen by Harold Krieger


Roberta Russell by Harold Krieger





May 27, 1925 to January 31, 2015

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Harold Krieger 1965


Harold Krieger is best known for his advertising photography. His work has been awarded  many gold medals in his field. The advertisements and editorials he worked on represent some of the most famous campaigns in advertising art. His editorial clients include Newsweek, Esquire, McCalls, Redbook, Parents, and Harper’s Bazaar magazine. He has photographed Woody Allen, Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, Sophia Loren, Lady Bird Johnson and many  notable celebrities. 

He is now focusing his attention on videotaping and editing controversial movers and shakers. Lifetalk is a New York City television interview show featuring influential thinkers in the social and health sciences. In it Roberta Russell, author of R.D. Laing & Me: Lessons in Love & Report on Effective Psychotherapy: Legislative Testimony, explores the latest findings on the human condition with some of the most controversial, stimulating and distinguished authorities in the world.  ----


The Life and Times of Harold Krieger  (autobiographical video)

The Life & Times of Harold Krieger

from Roberta Russell on Vimeo.

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Of course, not all of my photography was commercial. The next photo was taken in a Galway bath. 


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Krieger in 1956, Charm Photography 

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