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Hello, I'm Roberta Russell. I think of myself as a student of life and would like to share some endeavors, intermingle and learn from the fellow travelers that I may meet through this forum. I enjoy thinking of this site as an academy where I might share what I have learned from the great teachers that I have known and receive feedback from those who read it.   

At the best of times I am a writer, and particularly enjoy the study of the active ingredients and documented results in psychotherapy. I’ve written a book on the subject with the late British psychiatrist, R.D. Laing called R.D. Laing & Me: Lessons in Love, in which we were also both characters. It was published in 1992 by Hillgarth Press. I have also written a more academic book, Report on Effective Psychotherapy: Legislative Testimony, 1981, 1994, Hillgarth Press.

  • To hear what the critics have said about R.D. Laing & Me: Lessons in Love or about us, and about the story of my relationship with R.D. Laing or to order the book, or for a free chapter go back to the site and follow the indicated steps.

The adventure of doing this research-based novel verite with R.D. Laing has led me to try therapeutic pairing with others and to conduct workshops around the world in which well-intentioned people join with each other in therapeutic alliances. If you want to hear more about this or to participate in such an experiment in relationship follow the Mutual Alliance link in that site. The results of this process can be very satisfying and cost-effective. There is an element of uncertainty here, but perhaps one may find a friend.


Alliance, keeping careful records and mutual accounting has been very effective for losing excess weight and keeping it off. See to learn more about this free and very beneficial method.

To learn more about the findings reported in my first book, Report on Effective Psychotherapy: Legislative Testimony, visit and to see how these results underpin most of my other activities follow the link at the site.

I am also have been a host of a New York City cable television show called Lifetalk (Video: Harold Krieger) which features interviews with movers and shakers in controversial areas of psychology, nutrition, medicine, environment, and population growth. A more detailed list of video shows available for purchase or possibly to show on your local television station is linked to that website, as well.


  Bio, Publications & Contact information

Roberta Russell is a licensed NY real estate broker. She has been the author of a weekly column for The Meredith News, Lifetalk with Roberta Russell, formerly published in the Lake Placid News and The Adirondack Daily Enterprise. She is the author of R.D. Laing & Me: Lessons in Love with R.D. Laing, Hillgarth Press, 1992, Shinyosha (in Japanese, 1994) Ediciones de la Flor (in Spanish, 1995) Editora Siciliano (in Portuguese, 1997) and the author of Report on Effective Psychotherapy: Legislative Testimony (Hillgarth Press, 1981, with 1994 Update). She has been published in Psychologie Heute (Germany) and has written articles in, The Japan Times (Japan), The Psychologist (U.K.), Human Potential Magazine (U.K.), Changes (U.K.), Clinical Psychology Forum (U.K.), Psychoanalytic Studies (U.K.) and numerous other publications.

Ms. Russell is the originator of The New York Calorie and Exercise Logging Groups and also Mutual Alliance Therapy Workshops which have been commended by a 1994 Social Innovations Award (U.K.). She is currently interested in forming mutual alliances for healthier living.

(photo: Harold Krieger)

Roberta Russell
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