Roberta Russellís Ground Rules:


Here are my essential points for this free on-line program:

1.   You probably already know that eliminating overweight can often control diabetes without insulin or prevent its onset in overweight people who are predisposed to develop diabetes II. What a powerful incentive! As if vanity alone and all of the other diseases such as certain cancers, high blood pressure, and heart disease that weight loss prevents would not be enough.


The American Diabetes Association recommends that patients aim for a small but consistent weight loss of Ĺ - 1 pound per week. Most patients should follow a diet that supplies at least 1,000 - 1,200 kcal/day for women and 1,200 - 1,600 kcal/day for men. Contrary to common belief, there is evidence that speedier weight loss does not seem to effect itsís longevity. *

2.   Even though this is difficult, it is likely that you can do it. You can lose 1 pound per week in a predictable way by burning 3,500 per week more than you eat, if you have sufficient mobility and motivation. Even though you must consider blood sugar and insulin when controlling diabetes, you are still subject to the same laws of physics as every other weight loser; 3,500 calories equals 1 pound of fat or about 35 miles of walking for most people.

3.  The most successful documented long term weight loss results have employed the methods of logging the foods eaten and calories in them along with exercise and sharing the results in a weekly meeting with other determined people. I have been in and led such groups since 2,000 and have gone from being obese before that to normal weight with a now more than 70-pound loss. As of December, 7, 2016, I have stayed in my normal weight range for the since 2,001. (See before and after photos and the accounting and sample logs at (

4. A reliable and committed calorie and exercise logging partner can make the crucial difference between success and failure for some people, but not everyone benefits from pairing. I do. Wherever possible I also make the exercise an organic part of life, by walking more to get around and by making social engagement that burn calories. The foods that I eat now tend to be whole foods without added fat. That keeps me well-nourished and satisfied without creating cravings for particularly unhealthy and excessive refined foods.

Former and current loggers have joined me online by email and with Skype calls. Apparently it is the commitment and camaraderie that work, not the immediate physical presence of the other loggers.

5. Although this is not easy, it can be done. Thousands of obese people have reached normal weight and kept it off. Most of those-currently 10,000 people, monitored by the National Weight Control Registry (I'm in it.) keep track of their food and walk several miles per day.

If this seems worth it to you, check out my website and send me an email at and we will arrange to talk.


See you lighter soon.

  Roberta Russell


*Report on Permanent Weight Loss
by Roberta Russell,
Now Available for download at the Columbia University Academic Commons.