Permanent Weight Loss



by Roberta Russell
Founder ofthe Free World-Wide Calorie & Exercise Logging Groups



Report on Permanent Weight Loss


by Roberta Russell




Now Available for download at the Columbia University Academic Commons.


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What the Research Reveals About Permanent Weight Loss

by Roberta Russell


 at TC, Columbia University

on January 30, 2017, Monday at 6PM

at Millbank Chapel




Long-term Weight Loss Demystified by Roberta Russell at Columbia University, TC, 1-30-17 at 6 PM, Millbank Chapel from

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Live Talk with Possible Follow-Up by Roberta Russell

 at TC, Columbia University

on January 30, 2017, Monday at 6PM

at Millbank Chapel


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Also Available for free download at the Columbia University Academic Commons:


Report on Effective Psychotherapy by Roberta Russell




RD Laing & Me Lessons in Love by Roberta Russell with RD Laing



Roberta Russell
before losing 70 lbs.







If you would like to lose weight permanently or know someone who would, read the information on this web site. If you are sufficiently motivated you may wish to become a part of new free permanent weight loss group.

Call or email to see it on a video if you missed it and might be interested in joining our free research backed, highly motivated, on-line permanent weight loss group.


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Here's where the idea for a free permanent weight loss group was introduced:

See the talk seminar by Roberta Russell on What Research Reveals About Permanent Weight Loss that was presented at Gracie Square Hospital at 420 East 76 St., NYC, NY (auditorium 100) through this video of the event along with a preamble explaining how she arrived at her research-inspired method for permanent weight loss.

A 1995 video clip of a much heavier Roberta Russell suggesting the formation of a free calorie and exercise logging group to G. Terence Wilson, Ph.D., distinguished professor of Clinical psychology at Rutgers University

If you or someone you care for are ready to lose weight permanently, consider using our methods at no cost now or later.

The Free New York Calorie & Exercise Logging Groups and their former members have broken traditional weight-Loss records because they employ the demonstrably most successful methods to achieve permanent weight loss.  They keep track of their eating and exercise and account to each other in order to keep both of these behaviors within agreed upon parameters that will accomplish their weight loss and maintenance objectives.  

Recently we have begun to do this in online groups using Skype to meet on-line with video conferencing from the privacy and convenience of our own homes, without any regard for geographical boundaries. Thanks to the convenience of video conferencing, we have become the World-Wide Calorie and Exercise group.

We simply do what works as a service and are not as a money-making endeavor. Our method is modeled after the most successful long-term weight loss programs. Our free program puts things in perspective and allows our members a chance to monitor their actions that influence weight and get them under control. It is an excellent model for free community-based on-going weight loss programs that can be run in schools, libraries, community or religious centers or places of business.

The now World-Wide Calorie & Exercise Logging Groups research-supported methods include:

       Weekly group support

       Keeping and sharing a daily written record of food and calories eaten &

       Exercise expended (specified in calories burned)

       Using the principles of good nutrition to balance energy requirements in the most healthful way, while successfully controlling hunger.


"The Skinny on Losing Fat". The New York Post picked this up.

Read "The Fat Trap," Tara Parker Pope's seminal article on the pitfalls of attempts at permanent weight loss, click on the blue title of the article. If you can't access it, email me at and I will get you a copy.

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"Are There No Cures" by Roberta Russell is presented here:

Originally published in Changes: An International Journal of Psychology & Psychotherapy, by John Wiley & Sons Ltd., September, 1995, 213-218

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